Bathroom Fixture

Bathroom Fixture Installation

Baths, basins, toilets, taps, showers and more

Introduction to Bathroom Fixture Installation

At Pompey Plumb Ltd are a Portsmouth based plumbing company that like to focus on smaller installations and remedial work. This is why we won’t undertake complete bathroom suits, we will only install single items based on an hourly rate. However, if you do require complete bathrooms, from rip-out, first fix to tiling, we work with some truly talented trades, check out our trusted trades we work with page for more information.

Types of service

Bath installation

There are many types of bath on the market, the standard size of a bath is 1700mm x 700mm but they come in various dimensions and shapes. From p-shaped, l-shaped, free standing and contemporary, we are seasoned installers of most types of bath. Fitting and plumbing up a bath can vary in time depending on the type of bath, the bath accessories, bath panel, where the taps terminate and the extent for plumbing of incoming and outgoing services. In Portsmouth we have some great suppliers for baths and other bathroom fixtures, or if you prefer, the internet also has a great selection, just remember you can also buy some very poor quality items online. Please feel free to send any links to items and we will be able to offer our advise.

Free-standing bath installed by ecoheat developments
Traditional basin installed by Pompey Plumb Ltd

Basin installation

Now lets not confuse the kitchen sink with a basin, sinks are what you find in kitchen and utility areas and basins are found in the bathroom. Now we’ve cleared that up... Even if your room only contains a toilet, your WC or bathroom should always contain a basin. Whether it’s attached to the wall or on top of the toilet cistern, you should always have somewhere to wash your hands after doing your business. Our Portsmouth based plumbers are experienced in fitting all variations of basin, from stainless steel hand washing basins, basin with pedestal, semi recess basins, countertop basins, and inset basins, we do it all.

Basin and bath tap installation

Installing or changing a tap can sometimes be vary easy, it just depends on the access. This is why professional plumbers always leave access for servicing where possible. There are many different types of tap available and it really depends on the requirements and style you are looking for, and of course your budget. From separate taps, monobloc, bath shower mixer taps, thermostatic bath shower fillers, you tell us what you want and our local Portsmouth plumbers will make it happen.

Basin tap

Bidet installation

Bidets aren’t usually installed much these days and are usually requested by customers native to countries where where bidets are still popular. However, if you would like one installed, we can do a quality job using materials from Portsmouth plumbing suppliers or with items you have ordered yourself.

Toilet installation

Whether you need a new toilet installed where there isn’t any waste or water services, or if you just need to replace your current toilet, we can go through your options. Our local Portsmouth plumbers have a wealth of experience installing all types of toilet, from low-level toilets, close-couple, wall-hung, back-to-wall, concealed cistern and sensor activated. Rest assured you will be in good and we don’t mind getting our hand dirty.

Toilet with intergrated basin
Douche sprayer

Handheld Bidet Sprayer / douche

If you don’t have the room for a bidet, you could always opt for a handheld bidet sprayer or as some call it, a douche. These sprayers can be mounted next to your toilet and either be plumbed into the cold feed or a thermostatic mixing valve to have regulated water temperature. This could certainly, save you money on toilet paper. Call our experienced plumber today and we can look through your options.

Shower installation

Your options of showers all depend on your hot water system, water pressure and if needed, electricity supply. The two main types of shower are thermostatic and electric, each with their own variations. With thermostatic showers, the temperature achieved using hot and cold feeds to the valve, these can either be mains fed or gravity fed. With gravity fed thermostatic showers, a pump can be added to increase the pressure of the shower. With electric showers, like thermostatic showers, they have a minimum working pressure, if the pressure is too low they won’t work properly. Electric showers also available as pumped units, called power showers, these showers also need to be supplied via gravity fed systems. Our experienced local Portsmouth plumber can help you decide on what shower is right for your system.

Thermostatic bar shower
Walk-in shower

Shower enclosure installation

The installation of a shower tray and enclosure really depends on your waste services, and where you would like the enclosure installed. Certain installations can be very costly if a lot of plumbing and building preparation is needed.