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Central Heating Services

Wether it's a single radiator, a complete system installation or a power flush


Pompey Plumb Ltd is a Portsmouth plumber, servicing the Portsmouth & Southsea, Cosham, Havant, Portchester, Waterlooville, local areas and beyond. We have many years of experience working with central heating and we only use the most skilled and knowledgable GasSafe engineers. Whether you need a leak on your heating system fixed, a radiator or filter installation, a power flush to remove the black sludge and validate your boiler’s warranty, or a complete central heating system installed.

Types of service

Leak on heating pipe from screw

Leak on heating system

Leaks on your heating system can cause water damage and corrode the system by introducing air and new water. Most of the time these leaks can be because someone has drilled through a pipe, has a leak on a compression fitting, a joint hasn’t braised properly or due to corrosion. If you have a pressurised system you may see the pressure has dropped and the hot water has stopped working. On gravity systems it may be harder to tell you have a leak, and may only be able to tell when signs of water damage emerge.

Radiator moving or installation

Whether you need a radiator moved to a different location or want a new radiator installed. Want the pipes hidden in the walls, surface mounted or under the floor. Want chrome, copper or plastic pipes. If you want a standard or traditional column radiator, flat panel or modern vertical radiator, heated towel rail and more. Pompey Plumb’s experienced local Portsmouth plumber has fitted all type of radiator and will make sure your systems is dosed with corrosion inhibitor and fully tested.

Vertical radiator installed by Matthew Beckett from Pompey Plumb Ltd
Magnaclean central heating filter showing what can be captured around it's powerful magnets

Filter installation and servicing

Particulate and magnetic filters are now a requirement for every new boiler installation. They provide an essential job removing particulates, rust and microscopic metal dust from the system, which if left in there could damage components, block valves and cause your system to run inefficiently. Our Portsmouth based plumber can install and service your magnetic filter, keeping your system clean and running correctly.

Power Flushing

If installing a new boiler onto your old system, to validate the boiler’s warranty, the system will need flushing. Power flushing is where a machine passes water and cleaning chemicals through the pipework, radiators and boiler to remove black sludge and other debris from the system. These debris can also cause other issues, such as cold spots, faulty valves and inefficiency. Along side flushing the system, the heating tank in the roof will also be cleaned, if you have one that is. Call Pompey Plumb and we can have a Portsmouth based power flushing expert to you within days.

Power flush machine
Fixed creaking pipes by creating bigger notches and putting lagging inbetween

Noisy heating pipes

Heating pipes that click can be a real nuisance, preventing you from sleeping, etc. This is usually caused by one of two reasons, either a faulty valve vibrating, or pipes that have no expansion space. If your heating system begins clicking when the heating comes on, it is a good indication the pipes have no expansion space. Our Portsmouth plumber knows exactly how pipes should be run and the space they need to avoid noise from expansion. Call us today and you could be back too a good night’s sleep in no time.

Complete heating system installation

Or though we focus on smaller jobs, we still undertake full heating systems. Whether it is a stored water unvented system, or combination system, we will team up with our trusted trades we work with, save you money and complete the work to the highest standards. Whether you are looking for a cost effective fuel efficient system, or a feature-full top flow-rate unvented system, our Portsmouth plumbers and GasSafe engineer team can provide the best heating system for you.

Unvented heating system installed by Eco-Heat Developments
Thermostatic radiator valve set to highest setting

Valve replacements

Have your radiator valves seized and aren’t working properly any more? Changing your radiator valves on a 6+ radiator system could take less than 2 hours, get your system back to working order and help you save money in the future. Valves can seize up for many reasons, a build up of black sludge or harsh chemicals being used when flushing. What ever the reason for your valves being seized, our Portsmouth plumbers can fix the problem in a professional manner using quality products.

Boiler swap

Are you tired of paying a fortune in repair costs, want hotter water at a better flow rate, and want a cheaper gas bill? Or though we are not a Gas Safe company, we do use many quality Gas Safe engineers with many years working in the gas and heating industry. Whether it’s a Worcester, Vaillant, Baxi, Glow-worm or something else. Our Portsmouth Gas Safe engineer team can provide the best boiler for you, including filter fitting and a system flush, so you can rest assured your boiler’s 7+ warranty will be completely valid. Check out the trusted trades we work with and have a look at our Gas Safe engineers’ profiles.

Boiler Installation Completed by Eco-Heat Developments

Gas safety check / landlord certificate

Landlords have a legal obligation to check the safety of their tenants gas appliances every year. You can look at what HSE have to say about it on their website. Our Portsmouth based Gas Safe engineers have years of experience working with landlords completing gas safety checks. Call us and we can arrange an appointment or contact them directly on our trusted trades we work with page.

Baxi 600 Series 30kw Combination Boiler

Boiler Servicing

Keep your boiler running properly with a boiler service. The service engineers we use are seasoned veterans when it comes to gas boilers. Don’t get a boiler service mixed up with a gas safety check, a service will focus on inspection, testing, diagnosing damage and cleaning, increasing the longevity of the boiler. A gas safety check only focuses on whether your gas appliances are working correctly.