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Emergency Plumber Services

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Introduction to emergency plumber services

Pompey Plumb’s emergency plumber service. If you need a plumber to tackle your leaking or blocked toilet, if your toilet won’t flush, have leak on toilet cistern, have a leak in ceiling, a leak causing water damage, a leaking overflow, have a blocked sink, a blocked bath or shower, broken or leaking tap, or any other problem requiring an emergency plumber, local to Portsmouth & Southsea, Cosham, Havant, Waterlooville and Fareham. Give us a call and we could be with you in an instant, 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

Types of service

toilet flush button

Do you have a blockage?

Do you have a blockage in you toilet, basin, bath or sink, causing your water to drain slow or not at all? We can tackle the issue using a variety of methods and tools. From plunging, rodding, powerful drain cleaners to changing the blocked pipework, we could have your water running correctly in no time.

Have a broken toilet?

Whether your toilet not flushing or toilet flush button broken, have toilet cistern leaking or toilet inlet valve leaking. Whatever your problem, we know going without one can be difficult. We know toilets and how to fix a toilet flush, how to fix a leaking toilet cistern, and have it back in use before it’s too late.

Have an problem holding up your business and need an emergency plumber?

Do you manage a restaurant, takeaway or hotel and need your plumbing working correctly before it starts effecting the running of your business? Whether it is a broken leaking tap, leak or blockage, we will prioritise your appointment to save you money. We can even put you in contact with respected trades that won’t charge the earth.

Should you attempt to fix it yourself?

Many people often try to fix a small plumbing issue, only to create a much bigger problem. Even the smallest leak can cause a lot of damage. This could mean having to re-plaster the ceiling or walls, replace kitchen and bathroom units, or even replace joists. The best thing to do if you notice a wet patch is try to find where it has come fr om and call your landlord or a specialist, such as Pompey Plumb Ltd and have an emergency plumber deal with the problem.

leak on heating pipe repaired leak on heating pipe
repaired leak on heating pipe

Do you have a leak causing water damage?

Whether water is dripping from a leak in the ceiling, coming from an exposed pipe, a compression joint, your bath waste or loose taps, basin waste, shower seals, sink waste, toilet inlet or toilet cistern, or even a leaking overflow pipe from a faulty float valve. We could be with you in no time to investigate and stop it causing any more damage to your property.

leak in the ceiling