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Plumbing services by booked appointment, including, leaks, noisy pipes, pipework installation and more

Introduction to plumbing services

Are you looking for the best local plumber in Portsmouth? Well look no further. Our plumbing services specialise in smaller installations, maintenance and remedial work by booked appointment, from as early as the next day of contact or estimation. All of our plumbing work is estimated based on our clear pricing structure, which you can view on the prices page. If your job is an emergency and you need same day plumbing services, please contact us and we will get to you ass soon as possible, for more information please visit the emergency plumbing page. If you need a plumber in Portsmouth & Southsea or surrounding areas, such as Cosham, Havant, Waterlooville, Fareham or further, then please give us a call. If you do need larger projects undertaken, then please try one of the trusted trades we work with or give us a call and we will put you in touch with one.

Types of Plumbing Services

Plumbing for washing machine

Do you need to fit a washing machine in an area that doesn’t have the necessary services? Most modern washing machines require only a cold feed, waste service and a standard plug socket to operate. However, some older washing machines require an additional hot water feed. Water is delivered to the washing machine through washing machine hoses connected to washing machine taps which can be isolated when disconnecting the appliance. The waste can terminate in two different places, one is its own washing machine up-stand trap, and the other is a washing machine spigot often built into the sink trap or it own fitting after the trap on the waste pipe.

Washing machine plumbing, including, waching machine tap, up-stand trap and pipework
Double washing machine spigot, out connector for washing machine

Plumbing for dishwasher

Like plumbing for a washing machine, a dishwasher requires a cold feed, waste service and an electrical outlet in order to operate. Unlike a washing machine, a dishwasher often has it’s own inlet hose with an electrical or mechanical anti-flood valve incorporated, to stop any leaking when disconnected. This means extra room is usually needed to accommodate the valve. However, all of the fittings are the same and the inlet valve is still called a washing machine tap, even though a dishwasher can connect to it. The same with the dishwasher out-let, it uses a washing machine up-stand trap or washing machine spigot for the waste.

Outside tap installation

Do you need to use a hose in the garden or need plumbing for a garden irrigation system? We can fit an outside tap with all the necessary safety and isolation valves. Whether your outside tap is located in the safety of your back garden, or on the front of your property, we will install the right tap for you. You could have a standard outside tap for areas that only your household have access to, or a lock-shield tap for shared/public areas to stop others using your water. Do you need hot water for filling a paddling pool or filling a jacuzzi? Well we can also install a hot outside tap along side your cold. We only use the best materials with our outside tap installations, and though we do our best not to have exposed external pipework, if there is no choice, we will make sure the pipework is protected from cold weather and can be drained in the winter to prevent damage from pipe freezing.

Lockshield outside tap installed by Pompey Plumb, used in shared and public areas
Close coupled toilet, complete toilet service to improve flushing, fix noises and fix leaks

Complete toilet service

Toilet components are renowned for failing after a few years, and depending on the type of valve, some can fail a lot sooner than others. We have a lot of experience on what not to install when it comes to the components of a toilet, and we try to only use the very best of tried and tested valves. Whether you need a complete toilet service or just one valve changing, we carry all standard components which means in most cases the work can be completed in under an hour. You may have problems with your toilet not flushing properly or have a leaking coming from the toilet cistern or back of the toilet. You could have water constantly flowing into the toilet pan or have a loud noise when flushing the toilet. Whatever the problem, with a professional toilet service we can fix all of these issues. If you only have one toilet and need it fixed as soon as possible, please contact us and we will try to get to you as soon as possible. For more information please visit our emergency plumbing page.

Slow draining water

Blockages can be a real pain, have potential to cause water damage and can prevent you from using items such as the sink, toilet, bath, shower, etc. There are many causes for blockages, such as, the wrong thing being put down the plughole or toilet, Saniflo/macerator has broken or needs replacing, or the pipework is in the wrong layout or is missing vital components. Whatever the reason, we have the expertise to diagnose and fix the issue, using tools from plunging, powerful drain chemicals to rodding kits and pressure jets. And if we feel we are not able to fix the issue ourselves, we won’t waste your time and money, but instead provide a specialist in drains. If you feel you have a plumbing emergency that cannot wait, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try to get to you as soon as possible. For more information please visit our emergency plumbing page.

Blocked sink, slow draining water
Mainsboost Flomate by Stuart Turner

Low water pressure

There are many things that can cause low pressure in your property, on many occasions it is something restricting the water flow, like limescale/debris or a broken valve. However, your home may have been segmented into multiple occupancies, and usually the top flats have issues with low or intermittent water pressure and flow-rate. There are a few options when it comes to increasing the pressure the home, the two main methods for increasing mains pressure are, mains booster pumps by Salamander such as the HomeBoost and CombiBoost. Or stored water solutions, such as, Mainsboost Flomate from Stuart Turner. So don’t let low water pressure get you down, boost your mood with one of the many mains boosting solutions, installed by our experienced professionals.

Need something we haven’t listed or need advice or information? Please contact us, have a look on some of the other plumbing services pages or check out our information section (sorry it's currently being written) with lots of useful information and guides.